What’s been happening in Year 1?

In Year One, we love learning new information about all sorts of things, especially animals.  The term’s theme was animals; we researched, designed and wrote everything about animals.  Our favourite highlight was the day we were the teacher and led our parents and grandparents on a Learning Walk in our classroom.  First, we introduced our family to our teacher, read our parents a letter, and shared our goals and learning for the term.  Our families were so proud of us.  We are clever in collecting keywords about our chosen Australian Animal to write our paragraph for the introduction to our Animal Report.  In pairs or small groups, we created an enclosure for our zoo animal so it would feel safe, happy and healthy. In Mathematics, we are learning to use various tools such as number lines to help us in our activities.  We enjoy choosing the best strategy to help us find the easiest way to demonstrate our learning.  We realise the importance of explaining how we go about finding a solution.  We enjoyed all the hands-on learning during the term, especially all the measuring activities. Our integrated activities taught us about the continents and where we come from.  We discovered the difference between natural, built and managed features in our local environment and think playgrounds are the best.  Our favourite day is Art Day with Mrs Parkinson because we are learning how to express ourselves through art.  Looking out for each other in Year One is a priority, and we often use the Student Code of Conduct to remind us to be happy, safe, respectful and successful in all that we do in Year One.