What’s been happening in Kindy?

Split Pea Inquiry in Kindy: there is great value in giving time, slowing down, stepping back and noticing a spark of curiosity.

The Spark…

While the children were playing outside with some balance scales and a tray filled with split peas, one child’s question initiated a deep discussion about the difference between the dried peas in the tray and some peas that had fallen to the ground and had been soaked by the spring rain. This little spark has unlocked a hive of activity this term, where the children explored our school playground, investigating all the beautiful things God has provided. We’ve filled baskets with hidden gems that we’ve found in our garden beds, turning them into beautiful collage pieces, created homes for fairies who live in our playground, discovered seeds inside the food we eat and now we are nurturing our own little seeds. The children have checked regularly on their seeds, wondering what each little seed might hold within.

“Don’t look for a product, look for the thinking.” ~ Jason Avery

Alongside our inquiry project, there has been so much to learn. We’ve continued to learn about letters and sounds and numbers, how to use balance scales, created very imaginative stories and we’ve practised writing our names.