What’s been happening in Junior Science?

Our Science Program this term in the Junior classes focused on the Biological Sciences. We thoroughly enjoyed the topics were learnt about over the term.

The Pre-Primary learnt how important it is to look after your body by drinking water, exercising, eating well and sleeping. We learnt these were needs that a living thing requires. We looked at what needs animals had and how they were the same as a human.

In Year One we did lots of investigating outdoors when the weather was fine. We took a close look at how snails have their homes on their back and how convenient this must be. Using our magnifying glasses, we searched for ants and could see what busy insects they are as they collected their food. The students shared their understanding of how plants are living things and compared them to other living things.

In Year Two, we looked at the different stages in the life a human, duck, swan and other animals. We had a close look at how many living things begin their life as an egg and had to match these eggs to the correct living thing. We shared drawings and information on our own growth from when we were babies. We grew our own broad bean in a plastic bag and watched as the new shoots and stem began to grow.