What’s been happening in Italian?

What an exciting term we’ve had in Italian! Our learning began with our

Pre-Primary sharing their presentation on La Famiglia. They did an amazing job with their very authentic Italian accents. Bravissimi Ragazzi!

The Year Ones were very impressive with their artistic flair as they created their own Zoo with a partner. The integration of both Italian and Design and Technology allowed the students to share their knowledge and understanding. Molto Bravi!

Our Year Twos discovered that telling the time in Italian was the same as telling the time in English. Celebrating our birthdays is a big thing when you are in Year Two. It was wonderful to see the class learn how to say when their birthday is and how they celebrate this event. Buon Lavoro!

The Year Threes engaged in many different activities, of which one was describing members of their family. They also learned how important our friends are (I nostri amici) and shared what type of friend they were. They loved using such words as buffo, carino, affabile to name a few.  Bravissimi!

Our Year Fours were very engaged with learning about the sports played in Italy. They worked together in groups to share their facts and did a fabulous job. We also looked at a typical day in the life of an Italian student and compared how similar or different it was to our own school day.

The Year Fives impressed me with their own talents as they gave their weather reports in Italian using interesting apps to make their report more realistic. Watch Channel 7 closely to see who the next weatherman/woman might be here in Perth. Ragazzi sieti bravi!

Year Sixes, you can be very proud of your wonderful work this term as you researched Italian Fashion Designers. Your marvellous assignments on your fashion designers were very impressive. Great job on describing your fashion items in Italian. Meravigliosi!