St Paul’s Way Traffic Flow

Thank you to all parents for your readiness and cooperation in following the St Paul’s Way each afternoon. Coming a few minutes later definitely makes it easier to keep traffic flowing and fewer vehicles directed to go around the block. As usual keeping in mind a few simple guidelines makes it easier for everyone:

  • Allow Pre Kindy and Kindy families to collect their children and leave first. These classes finish at 2.45 pm
  • Be prompt in collecting your Pre Kindy or Kindy child so that there is less congestion when school finishes at 3pm
  • Pre Primary students can be dropped off and picked up in the drive thru.
  • Avoid coming to school and queueing prior to 3pm.
  • Traffic eases considerably from 3.10 pm – little queueing or waiting.
  • Smile and wave if you are directed to go around the block so that cars don’t block traffic.
  • Check out the St Paul’s Way Road Safety Plan on our website under General Information.