Seasons for Growth

We would like to offer the Seasons for Growth program next term.

Seasons for Growth is a peer support program for children who have experienced a significant loss in their lives due to separation, divorce, death or any other pain-filled transition within their family unit.

It is an effective program which may assist children through the grief process. It provides children with an opportunity to express their feelings in a safe and confidential setting.  Grief is a normal human reaction to a significant loss. Frequently children may not be able to express their grief verbally and so it may surface in their behaviour, schoolwork, as a physical ailment or it may affect their emotional development. The Seasons for Growth program provides the guidance children need to work through their grief and move on in the healing process.

If there is enough interest, the program will commence next term and consists of up to 8 sessions where small groups of children, with similar age categories, meet weekly with a trained facilitator. The adults and children are bound by confidentiality which fosters trust and provides a safe atmosphere. There are a number of staff who are trained facilitators either in Rainbows or Seasons for Growth who will lead the groups.

If you feel that your child may benefit from participating in the program or would like more information, please email Yvonne Liebeck by Wednesday, 30 June.