Our Vision and Values

Our Vision Statement

St Paul’s Catholic Primary School is committed to Christ-centred education, inspired by the vision of the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions and the teachings of St Paul, empowering us to seek the truth and grow in knowledge from darkness into the light of Christ.

Our Values are EPIC

What is EPIC I hear you say? EPIC is our latest acronym for the values that St Paul’s students strive to achieve. Each letter stands for a particular value and is an important part of who we are and what we are trying to achieve here at St Paul’s Catholic Primary School. 

Each day the students of St Paul’s strive to be EPIC in everything that they do. Be on the lookout for EPIC students around the school!


Our School Prayer

Dear God,

We come together as St Paul’s School community to ask Your help in our progress through school.
Help us to learn about You and Your son, Jesus.
Help us to work well with our classmates and our teachers  and to do our very best at all times,  in work and play.
We thank you for our families and our teachers.   

Please help us to care for each other.   

May we be like our Patron, St Paul, and grow out of the darkness into the light of your Grace.   


Our School Song

We stand as one community, a sign of strength to all.

In God we place our trust and hope in answer to the call.

And through the years that lie ahead we’ll strive for truth and right.

As friends together let us walk from darkness into light

St. Paul’s, our guide and family

St. Paul’s, our peace and unity

St. Paul’s, our life, our victory

through many years to come.

In everything we do our best, in work and play and prayer.

To every person whom we meet we show our love and care.

And as we join to celebrate our school with joy and pride.

Let’s look towards the future now with Jesus at our side.