Learning Support

At St Paul’s, we recognise and acknowledge that as parents, you are the first educators of your children. When your children come to school, we continue what you have started and work together with you to support your child’s learning journey.

In order to do this, we undertake a range of formal, standardised assessments across Literacy and Numeracy. This allows us to identify areas of strength and areas of need for each child.

Any intervention we put in place is informed by the data we collect and is designed to accelerate learning and foster independence. Some of the interventions we offer are a short, sharp hit to fill a gap in understanding, however, others are implemented over a longer period of time, bearing in mind children need up to 200 hits or exposures to a new concept before they have a full understanding of it. Some children pick up new concepts quickly, while others need a bit longer, or they may need to have that information presented in a different way for them to gain a full understanding.

We adopt a collaborative approach to supporting our students’ learning. We work closely with the Leadership Team, classroom teachers, our CEWA School Disability Consultant, our CEWA School Psychologist, Education Assistants and parents. We are all invested in providing our students with the support they need to reach their full potential and work together to ensure they achieve the best that they can.

Our Learning Support Program runs at three different levels. We have individual, small group and in-class support programs.

The collaboration that we employ is one of the most powerful tools in our kit to support our students in their learning. We all work together to ensure that we help each child in their learning journey to support them to be confident, happy learners.