ASPIRE Program

The St Paul’s ASPIRE program is for high-potential learners in Years 3-6 to assist and support them through opportunities that acknowledge and maximise their individual potential. Appropriate identification of these students is achieved through diagnostic testing.

The ASPIRE program is a blend of problem and inquiry-based learning models and engages students in real-world activities and challenges with intellectual rigour, complexity and depth. It builds upon the Western Australian Curriculum as a foundation for the higher-order and cognitive domains of critical and creative thinking.

Students engage in project-based learning, research and inquiry, problem solving and logical reasoning. They are challenged to collaborate, communicate, and apply their knowledge to real-world situations. Learning experiences are designed to develop initiative, creativity and leadership skills. Students are also provided with opportunities for self/peer assessment and reflection. The program also focuses on building student self-confidence and personal responsibility as well as the development and understanding of intrinsic motivation.

Identified students are withdrawn from their regular classrooms for one session each week. There are two groups: a combined Year 5/6 group and a combined Year 3/4 group.

The ASPIRE program takes place each Tuesday. The Year 5/6 group participate in a 2 hour session and the Year 3/4 group participate in a 90 minute session.