Early Learning

We believe:

  • Every child matters, every day.
  • All children can be successful learners.
  • In scaffolded and embedded learning.
  • In acknowledging the best in each of our children.
  • In intentional play.
  • In providing engaging, stimulating learning experiences.
  • In having a strong oral language program
  • In developmentally appropriate learning opportunities.
  • In catering for differences – we are all different!
  • Positive, respectful relationships are at the heart of all we do, say and think.
  • In affirming and reciprocal partnerships with parents and families.

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten are often a child’s first experience in an educational setting and at St Paul’s Catholic Primary School we believe it should be a joyful introduction that helps to build a love of learning.

With a strong focus on BELONGING, our centre creates a caring, safe and supportive environment that honours the children’s individual backgrounds and families while building a strong sense of community within our class and St Paul’s.

In Pre Kindy, we embrace the magic of childhood and allow the children to simply enjoy BEING a child. To be in the present and know themselves, to build and maintain friendships with others, to engage with life’s joys and complexities and to meet the challenges of everyday life.

We focus on the concept of the ‘whole child’, nurturing their emotional, social, spiritual, physical, as well as academic development. The children love exploring the wide range of intentional learning provocations each week, allowing them to be curious, share their ideas with one another, and develop their persistence and creativity.

By offering this intentional environment that nurtures the children’s dispositions to wonder, to explore and construct meaning about the world around them, we support the children as they grow and develop each day. We help them on their journey to BECOMING confident in knowing their unique self and in their abilities as capable learners.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss what St Paul’s has to offer your child so please contact us for more information or to arrange a tour.