Digital Technologies

A strong emphasis is placed on the development of independent learning skills and the integration of digital technologies across the curriculum to enhance student learning. A BYO 1:1 digital device program is in place from Years 4 to 6, with Year 6 continuing to use their Macbooks; while Year 4 and Year 5 use iPads. Years 1 to 3 also operate a 1:1digital device program, using school-provided iPads; and Pre Primary and Kindy have access to a bank of iPads. The students have been reaping the benefits that a range of apps can bring to teaching and learning, allowing for increased creative learning opportunities, such as the making of audio-visual projects, interactive posters and slideshows.

With the School’s implementation of Zuludesk a powerful, cost-effective, mobile device management system, teachers and parents have more control over exactly when and what students can access. The introduction of See Saw, a student-driven digital portfolio and communication system, from Kindy to Year 6, has increased parent engagement and communication. The use of the Connected App ensures that parents are continually kept up to date on school and class matters. We also offer Cyber Safety workshops for all students, staff and parents, in an effort to ensure that our community members are responsible digital citizens.

In 2018, our Catholic Education System (CEWA) underwent a digital transformation and as a result we have experienced a number of IT developments. The LEADing Lights platform has introduced the student portal for all students in 1:1 digital device class rooms, making it easy for students to access all of their content in one place. The use of OneNote as a digital storage space has allowed students to store and access their own and teacher content, anywhere at any time.

The Years 4 to 6 classes have continued to implement and integrate Office 365, with students collaborating to complete documents and submitting tasks online. All classrooms are fitted with Apple TVs to ensure that students and teachers can mirror their devices to a central teaching platform. Green screen kits are used from Years 1 to 6, facilitating multimedia tasks and audiovisual projects.

A comprehensive Robotics and Coding program is implemented across the school to ensure students develop the necessary 21st century learning skills. Years 5 and 6 compete in the ROBO CUP Junior competition and in 2018 the students built and programmed EV3 Robots to rescue items from an obstacle course. We have continued to extend the Robotics program into early childhood using a bank of robots, such as Beebots, Osmo Kits, Spheros and EV3 Mindstorms. In today’s world, students need to be digitally literate and St Paul’s is well-placed to deliver the essential skills required to create successful 21st century learners.