Interschool Cross Country 2023

Despite tough competition, our team showed incredible determination and spirit, securing 7th position overall at the Interschool Cross Country event in Gwelup. Our talented athletes put in their best efforts, showcasing their endurance and resilience throughout the race. Huge thanks to our amazing parent spectators for their unwavering support! Your cheers, words of encouragement, and … Read more

Mother’s Day Celebrations in Early Childhood

We are thrilled to share with you the success of our Kindergarten and Pre-Primary Mother’s Day events that took place on two beautiful Autumn mornings. The children’s excitement was contagious as they prepared to spoil their mothers with love and appreciation. Throughout the morning, various activities were set up for the children to enjoy with … Read more

What’s been happening in Learning Support?

The St Paul’s Learning Support Team have been actively involved in all classrooms across our school, providing tailored support for our students. They have been working with individuals as well as with small and large groups. Our team focuses on building relationships with all students in each class to help them reach their full potential. … Read more

Maths Olympiad

An exciting competition, the Maths Olympiad, has begun for a select group of mathematicians. The competition offers many benefits as it teaches problem-solving strategies and strengthens students’ mathematical intuition. The Olympiad is extremely challenging and is typically designed for high-achieving Year 5 & 6 students, but this year, we have included a small number of … Read more

What’s been happening in our ASPIRE Program?

In Term 1, the ASPIRE program engaged its members in a range of demanding activities and challenges. Years 3-6 students were exposed to computational thinking, through BEBRAS, an initiative of the CSIRO. Students were taught problem-solving skills and Informatics concepts, including the ability to break down complex tasks into simpler components, algorithm design, pattern recognition, … Read more

Building Project Update Term 2 Week 3

Work has been continuing on our building project. The main focus has been on building the lift shaft and it has been exciting to see this going up! Some delays in the steel have put the next stage back a bit. Once the steel has arrived and is fabricated, we will see the truck and … Read more

Building Project Update (Term 2, Week 1)

We have seen some action with our building project over the Term 1 holiday. The side windows in our Year 2 classroom were removed and bricked up to prepare the area for the new building. There was a minor delay when excavation began and some unexpected things were uncovered, however, solutions were found and the … Read more

Building Project Update (Week 9)

Following discussions with our builder, there have been a few changes to the schedule for our building project over the next couple of weeks. Originally, the lift shaft area was supposed to be prepared and footings poured over last weekend, however, there were some issues they came across which they now have plans to get … Read more