Student Leadership

Student leadership is an integral part of the Year 6 learning program at St Paul’s.

All Year 6 students are involved in leadership through participation in the 4 ministries – Christian Leadership, PE & Sustainability, Events & Music and Library & IT. Each term students swap their ministry role so that by the time they leave St Paul’s they have had the opportunity to lead in a variety of areas.

Members of the Christian Leadership ministry develop their leadership skills throughout by undertaking such activities as: 

  • assisting with the organising of masses and liturgical celebrations
  • collecting donations from the school community for St Vinnies
  • run the PowerPoint for hymn singing

The PE & Sustainability ministry takes on leadership roles including:

  • organising fitness activities in the mornings
  • supporting sustainability projects such as the veggie garden and No-Waste Lunch initiatives
  • assisting in running the athletics, cross-country and swimming carnivals
  • taking responsibility for the sports bins during break times

Our Events & Music ministry are responsible for:

  • raising and lowering the flag each day
  • assisting with assemblies and special events
  • setting up for incursions
  • reading the merit awards
  • leading and assisting with music events and assemblies 

Our Library & IT ministry undertakes such activities as: 

  • accessioning books
  • organising the library learning space
  • assisting with library tasks and displays
  • going into classrooms to assist teachers with the use of apps and devices