School Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council is comprised of the Principal and various parents with particular skills that combine to provide sound advice to further progress the direction of the school. This additional tier of advice serves to support the efficient operation of the school.

The School Advisory Council enables a spirit of partnership to be developed within the school community. The role of the School Advisory Council is to help the school fulfil its educational responsibilities in accordance with the Transitional Terms of Reference, relevant sections of the previous Board Constitution, CECWA policy, CECWA Delegations of Authority, CECWA Directives and Diocesan guidelines.

The St Paul’s School Advisory Council for 2021 is:

Chair:Nola McIntyre
Treasurer:Louise Johnson
Secretary:Carla Luck
Principal:Yvonne Liebeck
Priests:Fr Tim Deeter
Fr Mariusz Grzech
Parish Representative:Mark Tindale
P&F Representative:
Members:Scott Bradley
Carla Chatzopoulos
Amanda Garman
Malaika Jordan
Dane O’Callaghan