Chess Club and Running Club

Our wonderful Tuesday morning Chess Club will begin again on Tuesday morning from 8a.m. in the Barbier Hall. Many thanks to Dr Mark Castalanelli for sharing his love of the game and skill with our budding Bobby Fischers.

Running Club will run on Tuesday and Wednesday (27 April – 26 May) from 7.45a.m. to 8.15a.m. at
Ron Stone Park. Students will leave from school at 7.45a.m. sharp and return to school together. Students are welcome to attend one or both sessions if they wish. See email from Mr Sanders for more information – don’t forget to return the form!
Please note: Parents will be responsible for transporting their child to the park should they arrive at school after 7.45am.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the dates or times these two events are run due to other commitments at school or by staff and parent volunteers.