Building Project Update Term 2 Week 3

Work has been continuing on our building project. The main focus has been on building the lift shaft and it has been exciting to see this going up! Some delays in the steel have put the next stage back a bit. Once the steel has arrived and is fabricated, we will see the truck and … Read more

Building Project Update (Term 2, Week 1)

We have seen some action with our building project over the Term 1 holiday. The side windows in our Year 2 classroom were removed and bricked up to prepare the area for the new building. There was a minor delay when excavation began and some unexpected things were uncovered, however, solutions were found and the … Read more

Building Project Update (Week 9)

Following discussions with our builder, there have been a few changes to the schedule for our building project over the next couple of weeks. Originally, the lift shaft area was supposed to be prepared and footings poured over last weekend, however, there were some issues they came across which they now have plans to get … Read more

Building Project Update (Week 6)

Things have been happening this week on our building site! The builders have removed the tiles and a section of the roof. The remaining section over the toilets will be removed just before the steel arrives. The brick paving has also been lifted and Geotech have been reviewing the site conditions. They have also begun … Read more