Building Project Update (Week 9)

Following discussions with our builder, there have been a few changes to the schedule for our building project over the next couple of weeks. Originally, the lift shaft area was supposed to be prepared and footings poured over last weekend, however, there were some issues they came across which they now have plans to get around. Keeping the safety of our students and school community a priority, we are trying to keep the concrete pour to the holidays where possible, as this requires running pumps with pipes across the courts.

Under the current plan, some cabling work will be done over the next week, then next week on Thursday (the last day of term) will possibly see some excavation work to dig some footings. Over the holidays, the footings will be poured, some asbestos removal will be completed and the lift shaft will be built. So all going well, we should see some progress when everyone returns for Term 2!

Following this work, we will await the structural steel and make arrangements for that to be installed. I will let our community know about the logistics of that and how it will affect our students once I know more detail.