Amazing Farm Incursion at Kindy!

Last week, we had an incredible day at Kindy when Old MacDonald’s Travelling Farm paid us a visit!

The little Kindy farmers had an absolute blast as they got to interact with the farm animals up close.

We started off the day with some hungry lambs eagerly awaiting their warm bottles of milk. Our little farmers happily took on the role of caretakers, making sure the lambs were well-fed and content.

Next came the exciting part – petting and brushing time! The children had a wonderful time bonding with the friendly animals, patting and grooming them with joy.  We even had the pleasure of cuddling and holding the chickens. 

The highlight of the morning was hand-feeding the lambs and a greedy goat with some chaff. The air was filled with giggles and smiles as the children interacted with the animals and watched them happily munch away.

Farmer Donna couldn’t help but be impressed by our Kindy children’s gentle nature and how well they treated the animals. It was heartwarming to witness their care and compassion in action!

We want to express our immense gratitude to Farmer Donna and Farmer Rachel for joining us on this unforgettable farm experience.