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St Paul's Parents and Friends

2016 has been another productive and rewarding year for the Parents and Friends of St Paul’s Primary School. The P&F has continued to organise events, fundraise and engage with staff, parents, students and parishioners with the aim of:

  • Supporting and assisting the School and the Parish in their endeavours to provide a caring, high quality and well-rounded education for our children
  • Supporting the parents of our School community
  • Building the bonds of our supportive, caring and close School and Parish community
  • Providing enjoyable and memorable social occasions, as well as rewarding educational experiences, for the School and Parish community to enjoy together

This year, the P&F Executive Committee consisted of:

  • Juliet Bruining: President and Board Representative
  • Emma Gregory: Vice-President
  • Lina Coletti: Secretary
  • Mary Abbott: Treasurer
  • Rachael O’Callaghan: Fundraising Co-ordinator

I would like to thank Emma, Lina, Mary and Rachael for their unwavering commitment, tireless effort, cheerful support and endless hard work this year. They have been truly amazing.

Rachael O’Callaghan enthusiastically assisted the Executive Committee, as our Events, Fundraising and Communication Sub-Committee leader, and Dane O’Callaghan kindly helped to establish and then facilitate our St Paul’s Dads Group. Both of these sub-committees that were newly formed this year, did an exceptional job engaging parents and growing our school spirit and close sense of community. Thank you Rachael, Dane and all the members of your sub-committees.

Our Class Representatives this year were also amazing. Thank you very much to the following parents who supported the P&F Executive Committee this year by disseminating information to parents, organising events, initiatives and morning tea after Mass, coordinating parent volunteers and arranging social events for parents and children of their individual year groups:

  • Pre-Kindy Melissa Macnish
  • Kindy Carly Willcox Pre Primary Melinda D’Orsogna and Rachael O’Callaghan
  • Year 1 Anna Dang and Liz Kodituwakku
  • Year 2 Priscilla Redclift and Sally Roberts-Loader
  • Year 3 Kirsten Dechan and Rebekah Hampson
  • Year 4 Lisa Battalis
  • Year 5 Penny Gazia and Leah Lee
  • Year 6 Heather Allingame and Emma Gregory

These ladies are to be highly commended for their wonderful efforts this year. Thank you all for sharing your talents and time with our School and Parish community.

In 2016, the P&F coordinated, organised, supported and/or hosted the following events with support from the parents of the year groups listed in brackets:

Term 1
The Family Welcome Night
The World Day of Prayer Morning Tea
School/Family/Parish Mass morning tea
St Patrick’s Day celebrations (dancing display, green ice-creams and green jelly and Tug-of-War)
The Easter Raffle (Year 4)

Term 2
School/Family/Parish Mass morning teas
Mother’s’ Day Stall (Pre-Primary)
Book Fair (assisted the Library)
First Holy Communion celebrations
Dads’ Burger and Bowls Night
St Paul’s Feast Day celebrations (hot chocolates and sausage sizzle lunch)
Election Day Cake Stall (Year 1)
Election Day Sausage Sizzle (Year 2)

Term 3
School/Family/Parish Mass morning tea
Pop-Up Cake Stall
Fathers’ Day Breakfast
Dads’ Burger and Bowls Night
Athletics Carnival cakes, coffee and lunch
Golden Ravioli fundraiser
Coordinating netball teams for the PNA Spring competition
Neon Disco (Pre-Primary)
Formation of Health & Nutrition Core Group

Term 4
School/Family/Parish Mass morning teas
Gardening Busy Bee
Healthy Lunchbox Workshop (Year 6)
Movie Night (Kindy)
World Teachers’ Day celebration
Christmas Cake and Craft Stall
Graduation Dinner-Dance (Year 5)

Finally, we would like to congratulate our Principal, Joanna Noonan, and the rest of the leadership team, our wonderful teachers and staff of St Paul’s Primary, as well as Father Tim, for doing an outstanding job educating and caring for the children again this year. Our students have once again thrived in every aspect of their educational life thanks to the religious, academic, sporting, musical, performing arts, library, science, information technology, enrichment and extension programmes implemented by our exceptional teachers and staff. We thank you for the care that you have taken of each and every child in our School community and for the many hours of personal time that you have devoted to our school.

We look forward to a wonderful 2017, where the culture of care and support, devotion to faith, educational excellence and strong community spirit continues to thrive at St Paul’s Primary School.

Juliet Bruining
St Paul’s P&F Association

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