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It was at the request of Father Tim Deeter that I came to become a member of our School Board earlier this year. Despite some initial reservations, I can now say that the experience has been an enriching one. As I suppose is the case for most parents, there never seem to be enough hours in the day to do what needs to be done. The demands of family, work and home leave little time to ponder the executive workings of our children's school. Prior to becoming a member, I certainly didn’t pay much attention to the function of our School Board and the roles of the members, who so generously donate their time to make it tick. Unapologetically, much of this report will focus on thanking my fellow Board members for their outstanding contribution throughout the year, but first, a brief summation of the functions of the School Board.

The Board provides an advisory role to assist our Principal and the Leadership team with the various issues that arise throughout the year. We meet monthly and consider various issues, such as fiscal planning and management, capital works allocation, maintenance and enhancement, parish matters, school staffing, P & F liaison, media liaison and IT development. These topics are not exhaustive and often the Board meeting throws up various issues that need attention, as and when they arise.

I became Chairman of the Board by default after the unexpected resignation of our Chair Emma Crean. I would like to thank Emma for her contribution to the Board as member and Chair in 2014, 2015 and part of this year. My job is really quite simple due to the assistance and commitment of some truly wonderful people.

In my view, the most important position on any Board is the Secretary, who has been outstanding all year preparing the minutes, setting the agenda notes and updating all Board members via email. Thank you to Milaika Jordan, for being the glue that holds the functions of the Board together. Without Milaika’s commitment the Board would not have run as smoothly as it has.

Our Treasurer, Simon Borck, also deserves special recognition. Despite a very hectic work-life, Simon keeps an astute eye on the school finances, providing detailed reports for the Board to consider. Due to a changing government school funding policy, we are facing challenges moving forward. Simon’s insightful input is invaluable in helping plan ahead for sustained excellence in the education standards provided to the students.

I’d also like to thank all of the remaining Board members for their outstanding efforts and generous allocation of time and resources; Joanna Noonan our dedicated School Principal, Juliet Bruining (P&F Representative), Nola McIntyre (Parish Representative), Kirsten Dechan, Suzanne Woods and Angelina Bowden-Jones. This year, we invited our two Assistant Principals, Jesse Yock and Mac Callisto, to attend Board meetings and share their insights regarding initiatives in the school, such as developments in Information Technology. It has been a pleasure working with you all and I hope to see you back again in 2017.

We are most fortunate to have two very special people involved in the educational and spiritual guidance of our children. Our Principal Joanna Noonan is forward thinking and dedicated to the betterment of our school and students. Joanna, your genuine passion for Saint Paul’s and the bright way in which you navigate through myriad issues is appreciated and inspiring.

Father Tim Deeter, who is the reason I find myself writing this report, is an invaluable contributor to St Paul’s on many levels. The spiritual guidance he provides to our children is notable and appreciated. During Board meetings, Father Tim is direct, honest and always humorous. Thank you Father Tim for your ongoing dedication to our school and parish.

Due to the quality of the people mentioned above, I can confidently state that our School is in good hands. Despite any challenges that may lie ahead in 2017, the school enjoys a solid base from which to continue moving forward in excellence. Enjoy your summer holidays and see you next year!

Luka Margaretic
Board Chair (Acting)

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